What you thought you knew about carpet

Years ago, only homeowners without pets or children, or those with very low levels of traffic inside their home were brave enough to attempt flooring with carpet. Fear of stains, dinginess, and balding often led those homeowners to another floor covering.

The good news is that today's carpet floors are nothing like they used to be. Instead, you'll find these materials possess all the benefits you want and need, but still retain the amazing underfoot softness and comfort you want. For more information on that, and additional benefits, let's hear more about the material.

The best carpet floors for every space

When you're ready to give carpet floors a try, you'll love the benefits you find available. As always, it is the softest flooring material available and offers a wealth of gorgeous fiber options. Nylon and polyester are well known for their ability to withstand traffic and are a popular material in this line. Wool, an all-natural material, is reserved for low-traffic areas with little chance of humidity or moisture.

Heat retention is another benefit that's been around a while and helps create a much warmer home and lower energy bills. Your home will retain most of the heat created so that your whole family will be more comfortable.

Modern benefits are what make this floor covering worth your while. For instance, unrivaled stain protection is available from brands that manufacture that defense into the very fibers of their products. That means the carpet is harder to stain and easier to clean, especially if you keep up with daily maintenance.

We highly recommend only professional installation with your carpet floors, as this is the very best way to protect your investment.

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